Saturday, October 17, 2009


I just wanted to remind everyone that my "Birthday Girl" e-book giveaway ends on October 18th at midnight! Winners will be posted the following day - the 19th. If you haven't entered, you still can! CLICK HERE to enter.

-There will be 10 winners! (And so far, only 12 people you have a very good chance of winning!) Plus there are lots of additional things you can do for more entries.
-It's also open to anyone on Earth! It doesn't matter where you live, you can still win the e-book. I'll email the winners the link. From there, just open it as a document and ta-da! It's there on your computer screen to put on your iTouch, blackberry, Kindle, etc.
-Even if you don't have an electronic thing (like me!) to put the e-book on, you can just read it from your computer.

Soooo GO ENTER and spread the word, please!


  1. Mary D

    DARN DARN DARN LOL ---- I meant to enter this one sooner, but got busy making a winter shelter for our outside stray kitties that we try to take care of. Ah well, that was sweet of you to post a reminder though ... if only I'd checked my Google Reader earlier hahaha

    ps ... now if we can only get the little stinkers to use it :)

  2. You can still enter! Today's the last day.
    And awwh that's so cute about the kittens. :)

  3. Mary D

    Thanks, Ash - yeah, we really tried and covered the whole interior with layers of 'safe' insulation plus thick, old clothing. Even made a cute little door. However, it looks pretty ghetto and all the cats but one are avoiding it like the plague (thus far).

    Am a real sucker for animals :P
    (AND fun books hehehe)


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