Friday, October 16, 2009

HBT - Mad Lib with author Nancy Holder

Today's Haunted Blog Tour post is a Mad Lib with young adult author, Nancy Holder! She has written the novels Possessions, Pretty Little Devils, and the Wicked series.

How it works: I asked Nancy to give me nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. and then placed them into an already-made story with blanks. It usually turns out pretty funny! *The words she gave me are bolded.

The Mad Lib is called: "The Gleaming"

One of Kiefer Sutherland's first big acting roles was playing the part of the cape in the horror classic called "The Gleaming Cauldron." This haunted movie tells the story of a writer who needs a quiet place to work, so he rents a fun house in Colorado in the middle of winter. He takes his wife and small stepmother with him. Then it snows evilly for 13 days, and the couple discovers the cursed place is haunted by the ghost of a putrid pumpkin. Well, this horrible ghost is the evil spirit of a former exorcist in the Revoluntionary Army. It takes possession of his heart and forces him to act wickedly towards his own stepmother! At this point, there is a lot of shrieking, but before he can harm anyone he is killed by a stray bat!

Haha that sure would make an interesting movie.. :) Check back tomorrow for a guest post with Nancy and over the weekend there will be two contests for her books! Don't miss out.

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  1. Mary D

    These Mad Lib posts are awesome, it's been years and years since we used to do these (brings back memories).

    btw - I am sooooo eager to get ahold of Nancy's book Possessions (another one for the ol' TBR/Wish list)


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