Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HBT - Guest post with author Marley Gibson

Today's Haunted Blog Tour is a guest post with author Marley Gibson. She has written the Ghost Huntress series, along with her nonfiction book, "The Other Side".


Halloween has long been an...interesting holiday for me.

I remember my first costume and trick or treating outing was me in a white bedsheet with the eye holes cut out and me carrying a plastic pumpkin and tooling around town with my cousin, Ben, and my friend, Melissa. We gathered a plethora of candy that night, however, I couldn't eat any of it until it was inspected for razor was the scare back then.
At my school, we always had this kick @ss Halloween carnival. In second grade, I was up for Halloween festival queen. It was a fundraising thing. The girl who raised the most money won the crown. My brother, a senior, was working the admission gate for the Halloween carnival and he asked everyone entering if they'd give a donation for his sister to become the queen. With his help, I came in second place! I won a red velvet cake that year in the cake walk.

As I worked my way through school, my homerooms hosted different activities for the Halloween carnival. Second grade was the pick up ducks, fifth was the country store where we sold davinity, cookies, and other homemade items. Nineth was the go fish booth where you tossed a fishing pole over a sheet and pulled back a bag full of goodies. Junior year was the haunted house where we all slapped on fake blood and rubber masks and scared hell and four dollars out of all the younger kids. We also had the hay ride where we all piled into the back of a truck, steered through the woods behind the school where each load was attacked by water balloons by hidden seniors. Sadly, some little kid got upset by it and the school discontinued it. So, my senior year, we hosted a Monster Mash. Three tickets to dance with the senior of your choice in this semi-disco in our home room. Cheesy...yes, but a lot of fun.

My sophomore year, I was riding around town with some friends of mine when we came upon one of the city's cemeteries. Quicker than a flash, they attempted to leave me and my friend, Daphne, in the cemetery by ourselves. Being the smart girls that we were, we both tackled one of the football player guys who were trying to ditch us. We spent the next hour and a half huddling together for warmth around creepy gravestones. Daphne and I were the picture of bravery...the football players...not so much.

College brought less mischieviousness and more mayhem. Fraternity parties. My best costume in my college years was as a Navy Blue Crayola. Brilliant costume, if I must say so myself.
Nowadays, I find myself not at a party or dressed as something crazy-cool or hip...rather, I'm in my jeans, hoodie, and tennies and I'm walking around a haunted location with my K2 meter, my digital voice recorder, and my camera. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I have learned so much in my ghost hunting research. I have met so many wonderful people who aren't creepy or weird or anything like that...rather they are spiritually grounded, faithfully based, and eager to try and seek out what's on The Other Side.

Happy hauntings to you all!

P.S. Check back tomorrow for an awesome contest thanks to Marley! :)


  1. Mary D

    I simply LOVE Marley Gibson (wish I was on her ghost hunting team lol)and enjoyed reading about her school Halloween memories here. When I had children of my own, one of our most enjoyable events was to attend our local grade school's HUGE Halloween carnival, year after year, well beyond grade school.

    Now, as for MOI - I'd REALLY dig (no pun intended ... okay, it WAS intended hehe) to go ghost hunting around some of our small, rural and abandoned old cememteries dotting the countryside. Sadly, everybody else I know is too chicken to join me :( And believe me, we've really got some tiny, weird cemeteries tucked away that just beg to be explored (not necessarily after dark though).

    Anyway - good guest post, fun reading :)

  2. These sound great. I just sat in on an interview with Marley and the other two writers of the companion guide. Good stuff. Real tips, I thought it was all just novelty stuff, but they are real. I can't wait to read her books.

  3. Hi. Interesting stories. I was just looking for some book as a present for my niece. I didn't know Marley before but she seems as a kind of person my niece like. I think that her work will be good present.

    Happy Halloween,


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