Monday, October 12, 2009

HBT - Ghost Story: The Winnats

My post for today's Haunted Blog Tour will be a ghost story called "The Winnats" which orignated from Castleton, Derbyshire.

he Winnats, in Castleton, Derbyshire, is a rocky, cavernous area, known not only for its beautiful scenery but for its two tragic ghosts as well.

In the eighteenth century, Peak Forest was the place where young lovers could get married at any time of the day or night. Allan and Clara were one such couple, and totally against their parents wishes they planned to travel to Peak Forest to be married. Their journey took them through Winnats Pass, where they were set upon by five men. The attackers robbed them of their savings and then dragged them into the bushes at the roadside. The five miners then killed Allan with an axe in front of Clara, then eventually beat her to death.

The next night, filled with drink, the miners came back to the spot where they had killed the young couple and put them into sacks and buried them. Since then, strange noises and the sound of anguished cries can be heard around the spot where they were murdered, and some witnesses even claim they have seen the ghosts of the young couple running in and out of the trees!

Years later, miners were digging in a mine shaft nearby when they came across the skeletons of a young man and woman holding hands. They were believed to be those of the murdered couple, and to this day the ominous sounds of something being dragged along the floor and pitiful cries of help can still be heard...


  1. Great ghost story. And awesome picture.

  2. Mary D

    That's such a beautiful area, but it also looks wildly remote and you can almost picture what it might have looked like in years goneby.

    I've read where some ghost researchers believe that some of the sounds, screams and images people encounter (especially in areas where strong emotions were expressed - like murder and fear) are considered to be recordings or 'imprints' left behind, like a film looping back to replay over and over, rather than an actual self-aware 'presence'.

    Although, if that's the case - you'd think other strong emotions (like intense love & joy & laughter) would equally imprint an area?

    It's a weird, weird world we live in LOL

  3. That's so weird, I've never heard of that!

  4. Mary D

    Yeah, isn't it?!
    Especially famous battlefields where people are always seeing the same battle re-inacted over and over.
    With my luck, I'd probably leave some ghostly imprint of me doing something stupid (like dragging a piece of toilet paper on the bottom of my shoe) for all the world to see throughout eternity - ha!

  5. This story is both scary and sad


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