Thursday, October 15, 2009

HBT - Your Own Ghost Experiences?

Today's Haunted Blog Tour: Instead of telling an urban legend or ghost story from the past in different countries, I decided to change it up a little bit! Here is where you can share your
own ghost encounters, or ones that you have heard from friends/family.
Note: I
do not believe in ghosts, but I love to read ghost stories! Ironic, huh?

Here are a few that I found on the internet from various websites. All of the writers who submitted the stories claim that it's the truth.

-Submitted by Amber:
On one stormy Friday night, at about 8:30 pm, when I was about 16, my mom and dad had to work over time and my sister was sleeping at a friend's house. My brother was at my cousin's house. I was home alone. I had some ghost experiences in this house before, but this one is the scariest. I was in the living room, watching a TV show, and the sink went on and it sounded like someone was doing the dishes. I looked over in the kitchen and all the dishes were still there dirty. I thought I was hearing things so I went to my room to sleep. It felt like someone was watching me. I kept hearing little creeks, like my door was opening. I looked and no one was there. I looked in the mirror and saw an outline of a little boy. My old baby teddy bear that I found in the house, when I moved in, flew up in the air. He said "I want my dolly". He sounded angry. I ran to my kitchen, got the phone and called my mom's cell phone. No one answered. I was totally freaked out. I ran to my room under my bed. When my mom came home, she looked under my bed and was surprised to see me. I told her "mom, my my my old teddy flew in the the air... I saw a a a ghost". She took me to the doctors. She thought I was crazy. The doctor said "she is not crazy, now the best thing for you to do is to bless the house". We got a person to come and bless the house. Some things still happen. I don't think blessing the house was enough.

-Submitted by Gaga:
When I was younger I used to sleep over my aunt's house because my mam used to babysit my cousin's every Sunday night for my aunty to work. I used to love it as me and my cousin's are similar ages so we get on really well. I used to sleep top and tail with my cousin Nathan. That night we went to bed around 9.30pm where we played on the playstation until 10pm when my mother would shout up "time to go to sleep" so we turned the playstation off and settled down to sleep. I woke up through the night and saw my cousin Nathan walking towards the door so I followed him where he made way to my aunt's room, the room where my mother was sleeping. I called his name at least three times but he didn't acknowledge me. I woke my mother up through calling my cousins name she said " what's wrong? " no longer was my cousin there I said " I saw Nathan he was just here" so we both went to my cousins bedroom and he was in bed fast asleep. It was definitely my cousin Nathan I saw that night. Was it just my imagination? Or has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

-Submitted by Justin:
About 3 days ago I was on the computer and all of a sudden I heard light scuffing feet and what sounded like a little boy's voice in the hallway then stopped in front of my door! I looked at the bottom of my door and I thought I saw a shadow of feet for a few seconds. A few people have suggested that there is a little boy in my house that is stuck here in our world. I live on a long street that has a huge history of deaths. My house is about 100 years old. A few more things happened that night. I asked my parents if they heard anything when I went to go back to my room and I saw a child in the dining room. It could have been my brother but my parents told me he was sound asleep. I feel as if the boy is looking over my shoulders watching me write this. It is hard for me to write this because I'm remembering my eight year old fish that fell out of the tank and died a few days ago and what is strange is I took pictures of my fish and one of the pictures showed him transparent! He is a dirt eater and is NOT transparent. I took pictures of the rooms in my house and I think I got a picture of a kid sitting on the counter in the kitchen weeping. I have had dreams of ghosts that look and sounds like him.

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  1. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    While this is not my own personal experience, it was nevertheless relayed to me many years ago by an elderly neighbor who was as honest as the day is long, and, having heard her story many times, she was always consistent and there was never any reason to doubt the veracity of what she told us, which, in summation, is as follows:

    Immediately after WWII, Judith and her young husband moved into a turn of the century farmhouse located in the middle of midwest cornfields, on the outskirts of a very small town. This house had stood empty without renters for a few years.

    While her husband was at work, Judith began to feel that something was keeping watch on her throughout her day at home alone. There was an old rocking chair up in the attic that would make noise now and then. Matters became more pronounced, much to her husband's amusement and disbelief, until one night the couple were in bed fast asleep. Their headboard lay immediately up against two warped, overlapping large oaken doors that were impossible to budge, and thus were never used. (note: many of the old American Gothic styled-homes had multiple doors to a single room)

    Anyway, the young couple were awakened one night to the trememdous crash and bang of something breaking open the doors directly behind their headboard. Judith said it felt and sounded like a train had plowed into the other side of the doorway! They sprang out of bed, only to discover that the doors had not budged an inch.

    Overnight visitors would comment upon awakening in the night to find a tall man staring at them from the corners of the guest room. One guest had to scream for help.

    Matters continued to escalate until Judith felt that something was out to drive her out of the home, she remarked that she felt should she begin screaming she would never stop. She believed that something or someone was intent on driving her crazy.

    On one of the last nights of their occupation of this farmhouse, as the couple drove their 40's car up the long, winding dirt road to the house, they saw a distinct, white-ish vaporous man-sized mass moving across the yard between the house and the milk shed. This mass was illuminated by their auto headlights. There were no other light sources present.

    This, they believed, was the entity whose presence had become such a disturbance. Shortly afterwards they gratefully found another place to rent, and this farmhouse soon after burnt to the ground from unknown causes.

    Upon investigation, Judith and her husband came across a pervious renter of the farmhouse, who also affirmed that they had been persecuted by this malevolent ghost.

  2. My second most recent one I was watching, ironically enough, Ghostbusters on DVD and it was in broad daylight. Like early afternoon or something like that. Sunshine and everything. I was playing with my dog and when I look up at the screen, there are 3 silhouettes on the screen. My initial thought was that my dog hit a button and clicked on a special feature, kind of like MST3000. Then, a few second later, it dawned on me that that was NOT a special feature on the DVD. I looked back up at the green and they were still there, watching the movie. They were totally harmless and I knew, despite the fact that they were silhouettes, that their backs were to me. I didn't know what to do so I turned the TV off and turned it back on and they were gone.

    My most recent one I was actually watching Paranormal State and I was poking holes in the show just totally in my head. Like thinking to myself. It was at night and I was in bed with just my TV on. I just remember tearing more and more into their theories when, simultaneously, my cable snapped off and my bedroom light flared blue. Mind, it wasn't on to begin with and I hadn't gone to turn it on. Nothing was on in the house to blow a fuse. My mom was asleep. I checked the light and the bulb didn't blow. It's one of those eco-friendly bulbs. And my cable, I had no idea how it went off. The remote wasn't in reach and I didn't hit the off button. So I just said, "Ok," fixed everything and got back into bed. Don't doubt. They'll remind you they're there.

  3. Those are all freaky stories!

    @Mary Ann DeBorde: WOW I would definitely move out of that house. I'd be scared to death.

    @Donna: That's weird! I've heard of some other stories similar like that..

  4. Mary D

    I had something just a little bit similar to Donna. One night I had just finished reading, and before I was going to turn off my light, I was just thinking in my head and wondering if I had any angel or angels watching over me.

    I SWEAR to God right as soon as I thought that, the light beside my bed went out!!!!! (never before or since had any trouble with that lamp -no loose connections, etc) and the light bulb was fine, because it came right back on as soon as I turned it BACK on)

    It's a strange world we live in lol


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