Saturday, October 24, 2009

HBT - Mad Lib with author Allison Van Diepen

Today's Haunted Blog Tour post is a Mad Lib with author, Allison Van Diepen! She has written the young-adult novel "Raven".

How it works: I asked Allison to give me nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. and then placed them into an already-made story with blanks. It usually turns out pretty funny! *The words she gave me are bolded.

This Mad Lib is called: Prom Night

One of the first and finest major horror films of all time was called "Madonna," about a teenage caterpillar who was rocky. She went to school and got good grades, but she was always behaving too quietly and did not like her fellow computers. This was because they did not like her. They all thought she was dry and acted like a canoodle. So at the end of her senior year, this girl was not invited to the heinous prom. All of the other students had dates and new hats to wear. But they treated their classmate as if she were really horrific. And she behaved so carefully, it was horrifying. Madonna was so mad at all of the other bassethounds at her school that she decided to ruin their prom. You see, she had stunning magical powers and if she concentrated on her belly button, she could start fires or make salad tongs start indulging. So she went to the place where the dance was being held and walked into the kitchen, and her ear blazed out magical energy. All of the girl's protesters burst into people. Then aquamarine liquid nitrogen began dripping from the arena all over everyone. At this point, everyone began lurching and trying to get out, but there was only one door! The students were tugging on each other and screaming, "Booyah!" It really taught those students a lesson. The lesson was, "Don't forget to invite Madonna!"


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