Sunday, October 25, 2009

HBT - Ghost Story: Loseley House

Today's Haunted Blog Tour post is a ghost story about the Loseley House in Guildford. It's creepy how many ghost stories are originally from Surrey...

This beautiful house situated just outside Guildford in Surrey has been the home of the More-Molyneaux family since the sixteenth century. In the past its guests have included Queen Elizabeth I, King James I, Queen Anne and Queen Mary. It is also home to several ghosts. The ghost of a smiling lady dressed in Victorian clothes has been seen outside one of the bathrooms in the house. The present owner who saw the woman later found a portrait of the ghost in the attic. She is thought to have once lived there herself.

Another ghost of a lady has been seen but this time she is dressed in brown and does not appear to be nearly as friendly. She has been seen standing at the bottom of the stairs, and when she appears, witnesses usually feel a coldness surround them... As the story goes, about 400 years ago the 'Brown Lady' murdered her step-son by chopping off one his legs so that her own son could inherit her husband's fortune. When her husband found out what she had done he locked her into a room and kept her there for the rest of her life. Every year, on a particular night, horrific screams are reputedly heard coming from the room where she was kept prisoner.

Another ghostly lady has been seen by one of the owner's daughters. This time the ghost was that of a little old lady dressed in gray. She appeared only to the young girls in their playroom, where she would sit and smile at them, as if she was taking care of them. As the girls grew up, they realized there was something 'odd' about their friend and told their parents. The family eventually became very nervous about the ghost and left the house.

The house is also thought to be haunted by the ghost of a man who can be seen in fancy dress walking through the Long Gallery.


  1. Mary D

    Wonder why so many ghosts are reputedly women? lol
    Geez, the picture of Loseley House certainly LOOKS creepy enough! I dunno though, a ghost waiting outside the bathroom is a little too much hahaha. It would be kinda hard to 'relax and do your thing' while worrying about a ghost on the other side of the door :P

  2. What a beautiful manor. I am always amazed by the horrific tragedies that happen within the walls of such lovely homes.

    I enjoyed your blog...take care.

  3. I live near by and its a beautiful house. also meant to be a spirit who commutes between the house and a local village about 10-20 miles away... creepy but lovely place


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