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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Title: Catching Fire
Author: Suzanne Collins
Published: September 2009 by Scholastic Press

My Rating: 5 stars but I wish I could give it an even higher score!
Tags: YA | Fantasy | Sci-Fi | Series (Book Two)

Includes: Violence/Murder, Sensuality

First Lines: I clasp the flask between my hands even though the warmth from the tea has long since leached into the frozen air. My muscles are clenched tight against the cold.

**This review contains spoilers if you haven't read the first book "The Hunger Games", yet!**

When I read a series, the first book is
always my favorite. However, Catching Fire - the sequel to The Hunger Games - just broke that trend. This book was an unbelievable, unpredictable novel that is on the top of the list for one of my favorite books. Ever.

The novel picks up from where The Hunger Games left off, with Katniss returning to her home in district 12 as victor. She is well-known worldwide, and pretty soon starts hearing rumors that she might be causing rebellions throughout Panem. One day, the intimidating President Snow visits Katniss and what he tells her leaves her frightened for her own life and the lives of all her loved ones. To add to the plot, the 75th Hunger Games are approaching and the Capital has decided to change a few rules...

The book is split into three parts: The victory tour through the 12 districts, preparing and training for the 75th Hunger Games, and inside the arena for the games themselves. My favorite part would have to be the latter because so many important, nail-biting events happened.

From Page 308
I've never seen any animal move so fast. They slide down the vines as if the things were greased. Leap impossible distances from tree to tree. Fangs bared, hackles raised, claws shooting out like switchblades. I may be unfamiliar with monkeys, but animals in nature don't act like this.

Even though I wish the story could've taken place actually inside the arena more, the action was non-stop and almost each chapter ended with a fantastic cliff hanger! The read was thrilling and exhilarating, very enjoyable.

I was deeply absorbed in Katniss's character, and the way she was beautifully written. Just like in the first book, I felt like I was with her throughout the entire novel - specifically in the arena. I could literally feel her pain, even more so than during the first book, since I knew her character so well and everything she had been through. While Katniss was torn between her love for Gale or Peeta, it made my heart ache, too.

From Page 174
I'm cold and wet and winded, but my escape attempt has done nothing to subdue the hysteria rising up inside me. It will drown me unless it's released. I ball up the front of my shirt, stuff it into my mouth, and begin to scream. How long this continues, I don't know. But when I stop, my voice is almost gone.

Another thing I really liked about Katniss's character was the way she was so realistic! Even though the novel is set in the future, Katniss was just like any other female teenager. She had her fair share of random mood swings, like most adolescent girls do. But another thing that got brought to my attention was her human instinct while trying to survive in the Hunger Games arena. Even though she continuously was determined to put Peeta's life before her own, there were split seconds when her human instinct would slip through and she'd want to save herself instead. At first, I was thinking that it was kind of selfish, but then I realized - hey, even the most humble people probably have times like these. You can't really help it, you're only human!

I loved how Katniss's mockingjay was the symbol for the rebellions. The mockingjay played a tremendous role in the story, and showed up during many parts. Hence the cover - which I love by the way. The subtle message of politics and symbolism was a nice touch in the novel and I liked how it wasn't "in your face", like some books are.

I found myself actually talking outloud during some chapters, or yelling at the idiotic President Snow. That's just how much this terrific story will suck you in. You will seriously feel like you are in the book. It made me want to pick up a weapon and join the fight!

I am on the edge of my seat, very anxious for the third book in the series to be published. I've never been so excited for a book to come out, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to wait until fall 2010 when it's released! Suzanne Collins is now on my list for favorite authors. :)

Book Supplied by: My lovely grandparents gave it to me for my birthday. (:


  1. I loved this novel so much! It feels like: You wait forever, read it in a hour, and then wait forever again. It's killing me!

  2. How amazing was it!! I can't wait for the next one--the rebellion, how thrilling. I hope Gale gets a bigger part in book 3.

  3. I really have to look into this series. You officially won me over in your last post about how much you want/can't wait to read the third installment.

  4. It was a really great sequel and I enjoyed it and can't wait the third one myself!

  5. @Insert Book Title - I KNOW, right?!

    @Rhiannon Hart - I agree; I really want to see more of Gale's character. I like him!

    @Michelle - Yay! :)

  6. Mary D

    Okay, enough's enough! LOL I have got to get ahold of the Hunger Games & play catch up with this series. I can't stand reading how great this series is and I am missing out (note to self: get self to library asap, buy chocolate, too)

  7. I'm on the edge of my seat too, I can't wait for Mockingjay! Though I liked the Hunger Games better, this book was also superb!

  8. This was a thrill ride kind of story i was on the edge of my seat i was biting my nails lol it was intense . That cliffhanger made me really excited suspence kills for mocking jay hope to learn more about gale

  9. I loved The Hunger Games, and I'm really excited to read this one! I'm quite sure that I will love Catching Fire as well, after reading your review!

  10. I read Catching Fire twice in 2 days after I got it. It was that good! I know everyone is eagerly awaiting Mockingjay. Suzanne Collins will not disappoint, I'm sure of it.

  11. I loved this book. I loved this series. I really was not expecting the 2nd book to be as good as the first. I mean the actual event was over. But i was wrong. I highly recommend this series. So good.

  12. I can't wait to read this book!

  13. this is My favorite book!! I love it and I read it about 3 times in 2 month...i love katniss and the quote of page 174 is so realistic and so sad ..I love katniss and your review is great and i think just like you said : "This book was an unbelievable, unpredictable novel that is on the top of the list for one of my favorite books. Ever" I totally agree!!



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