Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HBT - Interview with author Lili St. Crow

Can you believe October is already almost halfway over?? I hope you're all enjoying my Haunted Blog Tour! For today's post, it's an interview with author Lili St. Crow, author of the Strange Angels series.

Do you have any Halloween traditions?

Carving pumpkins with my kids. I love it, and they love it. It's the only holiday I really decorate for.

What's your most memorable Halloween?

Probably the one I moved into my current house on. Let me just say it was an Experience. We moved on short notice, and I barely realized it was Halloween until everything was done.

What's the scariest movie you've ever seen? Scariest book read?

Hmm. I don't think I've seen a movie that's really deep-down scared me, unless it was one of Michael Moore's. The closest was The Village, which did make me jump a couple times. The scariest book I've ever read has to be Stephen King's IT. I slept with the lights on after that one.

Do you have a favorite Halloween recipe?

I like the smell of baking pumpkin pies, but I hate eating them. Sometimes I'll make one and just smell it, or buy a pumpkin pie candle and light it. That's as close as I get to a favorite Halloween recipe.

Are you superstitious?

No. Just cautious.

Most scary nightmare you've ever had?

I think I was seven, and I dreamed I was locked in my school with a bunch of other kids. There were giant robotic spiders that would drink a kid's blood, and they went around turning the thermostats down because they didn't like the heat. People passing by outside the school gates wouldn't help us, because school wasn't out yet. I ended up in a bathroom stall in the cold, hearing the spiders rustling outside. I still get chills when I think of that dream.

Funniest Halloween costume you've ever seen or worn?

The funniest one I've ever seen was a young man in a lacy slip with the word FREUD painted on the skirt, in big black letters. A Freudian slip. I found it hilarious.

Which Disney Villain do you like the best and why?

Maleficent. Because she's just so awesome, and that horned helmet--she carries it off so well. I never thought the prince should have killed her. She was far more interesting than Aurora, that's for sure.

Where did you come up with the ideas/characters for your Strange Angels series?

The characters were already there, actually. Christophe is very, very loosely based on a young Vampire Hunter D, but that's about it. The characters were fully-blown the moment I got the initial image for the book, which was Dru in her kitchen staring at her back door. There was a zombie there, and I instantly knew the zombie was her father and that she was in deep trouble. Everything about the series sprang into my head at that moment.

Thank you so so much!

Thank you for having me!

Check back for tomorrow's post to win a signed copy of Strange Angels!! :)


  1. Mary D

    Ugh, Lili's dream sounded awful! My worst was this huge Godzilla/dinosauer type creature wrecking havoc, me trying to hide from it, and it finding me ... I think I woke up from sheer fear lol

    Anyway, love the Freudian SLIP costume - that cracked me up. Wonder how many people actually 'got' it ?

    I've yet to read Lili's Strange Angels, but her series is on my want list to hopefully get from our library this winter! :)

  2. Oh man that Freudian slip story made me laugh so hard I really almost fell out of my chair. I need to read her book... seriously.

  3. It took me a day or two to put it together, but she is one of the Deadline Dames. I always read their posts!

  4. Great interview! A Freudian Slip Costume. How imaginitive!

  5. Nice interview. I had no idea who that Disney Villian was. I ended up googleing it.

  6. I have to agree with her on the whole pumpkin pie deal. I don't mind the scent of it, but eating it...ewwwww. hahahahaha

  7. I love the scent as well of pumpkin pie, but won't eat it! That's a pretty scary nightmare! I'm not a big fan of spiders. Great interview and I totally agree with you about Malificent...Sleeping Beauty just wasn't that interesting!

  8. I haven't read this author yet but I've heard great things about Strange Angels. I'm adding it to my TBR list now! Thanks for hosting the interview!

    Natalie @ Mindful Musings

  9. Great interview! Maleficent is one of my fave villains too. Strange Angels is one of the best books I have read this year.

  10. Great interview! I really like the smell of baking pumpkin pies too.

  11. Great Interview! I too was sacred by a Stephen King book - Salem's Lot! Scary book!!!
    Debbie F.

  12. That was a great interview! Pumpkin something now sounds good...

  13. I've really lost it, I knew I was behind in my commenting, but I could have sworn I'd commented on this the day you posted it! I remember thinking that I love Maleficent, too, and that the nightmare will probably give me the creeps now, too. *shivers*

    I know I've said it before, but I love your interview questions!

  14. Whoa That was really a good interview

  15. Awesome interview!

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