Monday, December 7, 2009

Submit an interview question!

Oh have I got a great surprise up my sleeve... ;) I'm planning something big, and I mean HUGE to start the new year off. Three words:

New. Years. Extravaganza.

Excited yet? Well you should be! It's going to be my biggest giveaway I've ever had on Books Obsession, with loads of awesome prizes and winners, with only the best authors. Maybe a little bit of of the Mortal Instruments series? Or maybe you prefer something by C. K. Kelly Martin? Hmm, how about the book "Swoon"? The list is LONG, and you won't be disappointed; you'll see! :)

So, here is where I need YOUR help.

Since many fantastic authors are helping me out with this giveaway, I decided why stop there? Why not include some guest posts and interviews! However, instead of me asking my normal author questions...I'm gonna let YOU guys do the interview! :)

Just leave a comment with a question (as many as you want!) and the name of the author it is directed to. The more questions the better, and make them good! You can ask whatever you want; regarding a specific book of the author's, a question about their writing, their personal life (well...not too personal ;] ), any upcoming books of theirs, etc. Don't hold back!
For right now, the authors to ask questions for are:

Aimee Friedman
("Sea Change")

C.K. Kelly Martin
("One Lonely Degree" and "I Know It's Over")

**For each question you submit, you'll get +1 to the contest once it's posted in January! +2 for each question I use!**


  1. For Aimee Fredman: What gave you inspiration to write the book?

  2. For Aimee Fredman: What kind of research did you do to write Sea Change?

  3. For C.K. Kelly Martin: Was it difficult writing I Know It's Over from the boy's point of view?

  4. For Aimee Fredman: Your cover is gorgeous. Did you have any input or say in its creation? If not, what are your thoughts on it.


Thanks, I love what you have to say!