Monday, December 14, 2009

My thoughts on New Moon


I went with my friend last night to see New Moon, the second movie of the Twilight series. I didn't really like the first one all that much basically due to the fact that I thought it was horrible acting and Kristen Stewart annoys me. Plus...Edward's expressions always look like he's in pain; which isn't quite cute.

However. New Moon has a breath of fresh air. With a different director, new characters, and a more thrilling and enjoyable plot; it really lived past my expectations. The special effects were really good, and I loved seeing the werewolves change form! I can not wait for Eclipse to come out June 30th!! and better yet for New Moon to come out on DVD. I'll be sure to be the first in line ready to buy it. :)

TAYLOR LAUTNER. Geez, is it really possible for someone to be that gorgeous? Haha I don't mean to sound like a little star-struck girl, but the truth is I am! That scene with him shirtless in the rain with his hair cut? EVERYONE in the theater gasped, it was hilarious. I think I even saw some men staring.... awkward.

But down to the point. Even if you didn't like Twilight, New Moon is a must-see. (If you're a fan of Taylor that is, who takes up half the movie with his adorable buff self.) Sigh...well I could go on forever, so if you'll excuse me I have some reading to do and need to go look up some pictures of a certain someone on Google Images. :)


  1. I'm so glad you liked it![: In my case I LOVED it, :P The werewolfs are just...amazing! I gasped everytime I saw them; but excuse me, who knew they'd look THAT good!

    I'm done rambling now xD.

    Darling Reviews

  2. Your cute..LOL..well I am not a huge fan of the books and though I found book two to be rather boring, but I liked the movie. I heard that Eclipse director made 30 days of 30 nights a really blood vamp movie and that Eclipse is suppose to be a lot darker..hope so and hope it is cool!

  3. I totally agree with you! I thought it was so much better than Twilight. I love the books, and I thought this movie really did New Moon justice.

  4. Definitely better than the movie version of Twilight, and WAY better than the New Moon book (imho). And Taylor? Swoon ...

  5. LOL! I loved the werewolves, they were such a great part of the movie. Oh, yes, Taylor was just swoon-worthy every time he appeared half-nekkid. Hope to see him more shirtless in Eclipse! :D

  6. I liked this movie too. I actually went to go see it again last weekend with my mom, but the motor (or whatever it is) broke half way through the movie. It was a bummer and HUGE tease for my mom, but I demanded a refund. So we'll probably go see it again this weekend.

    I cannot wait for Eclipse!!!

  7. Haven't seen either yet, but let us say that NOW my interest is keen to do so hehehe


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