Thursday, December 24, 2009

Debut Author Cover: Carol

Haha I just had to make another fake book cover like I did a few months ago - click here to see!

Haha I like how this turned out; it's so
different! And here is my made up summary:

A funny, modern retelling of "A Christmas Carol". Everyone hates Mr. Parketh. The neighbors, the mailman, the cashier at the grocery store, even his own pet dog! Mr. Parketh is bossy, mean, selfish, and just plain rude. So on Christmas Eve, when a strange man in chains shows up outside his apartment, Mr. Parketh doesn't hesitate to slam the door in the stranger's face. That is, until he realizes it's a ghost...made of Lego's! For the rest of the night, Mr. Parketh must re-live his past at the factory he was made at, see the present, and take a look in the future, of a little boy making him live in a dollhouse! What Mr. Parketh experiences just may change life as he knows it. Bah-humbug!


Okay so maybe it doesn't sound that intriguing, haha but at least I had fun writing it! A re-telling of a classic story - except that the people are made out of Lego's. :)

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