Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Guest Post with author LM Preston

Here's a guest post with sci-fi/young adult author LM Preston! Her book "Explorer X - Alpha" will be published this February, 2010! LM decided to talk about her finest Christmas memory.

A Christmas Gift To Remember

Christmas has always been a bitter sweet occasion for me. I love Christmas now because I have four active kids and a husband of which to create traditions. However, prior to getting married, Christmas would sadden me because it was around Christmas time that I lost my grandmother of whom I was extremely attached.

Now, life has a funny way of rejuvenating you and allowing you to grow up. Hence, I will share a Christmas memory that still touches my heart.

About five years ago, my husband and I decided to do something different for Christmas. We decided to take that time to travel with our family. Our most memorable trip was a trip we took to Vermont. This particular Christmas, we experienced the Christmas Spirit of goodwill towards men first hand.

After packing our car to the hilt with presents, snowboarding equipment, and luggage, we took off. We drove there from our home, and it was a long drive. We sang songs, played car games, and watched movies. Finally, we arrived at Smuggler’s Notch, a resort in Vermont that had tons of stuff to do onsite. We had planned to never have to leave the resort.

Once we got settled into our three room condo, we realized that we needed to go to the grocery store. My husband took my older two kids with him to the store. After they left, I started putting all of our socks into sock bombs. My husband and I had planned to have a hide and go seek, sock bomb attack game with the kids once they returned from the grocery store.

Several hours later, I started to get concerned. I got no call from my husband, because there was no cellphone reception in the area. All I could do is to wait.

A knock came on the door, and my husband and two kids stood there with this gentleman. The kids looked shaken and my husband just hugged me. They had been in an accident, which my husband said could have been fatal. They were driving back from the store and drove over black ice, which slammed them into the guard rail of the bridge.

The angels that made my Christmas one of the most precious holidays ever, were the kind people I met in Vermont. The nice gentleman that was standing there with my husband was a mechanic who owned a local shop. He towed our car, and gave my husband a ride to our resort. He also helped us bring up our grocery. His wife came and picked me up several times to run errands, and the resort staff treated us at a local restaurant to dinner. It ended up taking the mechanic several additional days to fix our car, and the resort allowed us to stay free of charge.

It’s times like these where I am just humbled by the kindness of people. This particular trip is looked upon fondly by all of us, since we had angels posing as humans that made our Christmas in Vermont one of the most inspiring holiday’s ever.

by: LM Preston, Author of "Explorer X - Alpha"

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