Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Paper Back Swap!

So ever since I came across this little website called Paper Back Swap (which is awesome!) my room has become a complete MESS. Wanna know why? I'll tell you. :) I'll try to make this short.

First of all let me introduce you to it:
Paperbackswap is a site where you can give your own books to others and get new ones back. You can either keep them or pass them along to another person once you're done. Kind of like an online library except more fun (: There is a HUGE variety of books that others have posted, which you can choose from. And it's so easy! I really advise you to try it out. Right after you join, if you post 10 books that you're willing to mail to other people who ask for them, you get to choose 2 books for yourself. The site explains everything, and it's such a great bargain. Now, instead of going to the bookstore and paying ten dollars for a book, I can get it (and keep it!) from Paper Back Swap.

Now, for why my room and bookshelves are a complete mess...
Once I started cleaning out my bookshelves, I started out just picking my 10 books that I'd be willing to giveaway. Yeah...didn't work out so well. After about two hours later, I had 3 stacks of books up to my waist of books that I didn't want or need anymore. I was so surprised! My bookshelves now look practically empty but hopefully I'll fill them back up soon. So basically it just comes down to this: Once you start cleaning out your bookshelf, you'll end up ransacking the whole thing :P least I did.

Why cling on to books that you know you aren't going to read anymore? Why not give them a new home to someone who actually wants the book? The answer: PaperBackSwap! Go sign up! (And check out my books! They are under the name: booksobsession or Ashley S.)

Hah so much for my "short" post. :)

Oh and p.s. be on the lookout for a giveaway soon! ;] I'm really hoping to start one this week.


  1. Ashley, you are so funny. I know about Paperback Swap. Glad you're enjoying it. You can find me there under the same username,Blackeyedsusan.

    What you don't trade, please consider donating to our library. I run a library in an all-girl agency or donating to a local library. If you haven't figured it out, offer multiple book deals. It's cheaper to send multiple books in an order than a single book.

    Happy trading.

  2. Haha thanks Susan.
    Yes, I'll definitely donate books that need a home :)

    I'm not sure what book(s) I want to have in my giveaway yet, but I'll consider having more than one since it's cheaper and let's the winner have more than one prize.


  3. I LOVE It is amazing.

  4. I keep hearing about paperback swap and I'm so tempted to make an account for myself. I've also heard of book mooch too. Do you have one too? If so, is it good?

  5. I agree, I love pbs too!!! its awesome!!!!

  6. You should! At first, I thought there might be some sort of catch or something, but there's not! The only thing is that you have to pay for the shipping..but that's only like $2.

    I don't have a book mooch account, but I've read all about it. The only reason I didn't join is because I didn't see that many books that I'm interested in on there.

  7. This is a funny post! I love paperbackswap too. Another good site is

    I find that my books get requested more often on bookmooch than on paperbackswap. I tend to request more books on paperbackswap. One big perk about bookmooch is you get 1/10th point for each book that you list! And for each time that you comment on a transaction.

    I'm a member under "mangosteen" or "gaby19". My paperbackswap name is gaby19, too.

    Bookmooch allows you to post ARCs, while PBS doesn't. That's another distinction. And bookmooch doesn't give you point for referrals, but PBS does!


  8. Another good thing about bookmooch is that you can use Amazon to search for books to add to your wishlist. You'll get an email once one of those books is posted, but you have to act fast because they get requested quickly! There's no hold period.

    PBS will hold a book on your wishlist once it appears. You have 48 hours to request it.

  9. Thanks for all the info about those two sites, Gaby. I'll consider joining bookmooch. I'm still not sure yet.



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