Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Features (3)

Things I found around the blogosphere this week!... (:

Alley of Books is a new blogger, and you should check out her site! She's been blogging since the end of April...same time that I started, too. [:

Random Buzzers is a pretty snazzy site with a variety of things to do. You earn points by submitting book reviews, completing challenges, quizzes, surveys, and more. With your points you can earn books! It seems like an interesting site, just involves a lot of time and work.

Teen Ink is an AWESOME site that I've known for awhile, but decided to share with those of you who haven't heard of it! There is a ginormous list of short stories of any genre written by teens for teens. You can also submit artwork and poetry.

Traveling to Teens is holding a contest for the book Dull Boy by Sarah Cross. Deadline to enter is June 20th.

I recently heard about the book Hunger: A Gone Novel by Michael Grant. It looks pretty interesting! You can read the first few chapters here.

There is a contest over at Katie's Bookshelf to win the book Five Minutes More. Deadline to enter is May 31st.

Check back next week for some more Friday Features! [:

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