Monday, May 18, 2009

Musing Monday: Library Visits

Today's Topic: Going to the Library.

How often do you visit the library? Do you have a usual/scheduled library time or day? Do you go alone, or with people?

I go to the library A LOT. Since I prefer hardcover books over paperbacks, I go to the library to get those since they are kind of expensive to buy at book stores. (Remember, I'm just a high school freshman who doesn't have much spare change [: ) I don't usually go with friends because once I'm at the library, I get down to business - checking out/renewing books, using the computer book search, etc. But, since I don't have my own driver's license yet, one of my parents usually drops me off, or I'll just ride my bike over since I live about twenty minutes away.

What about you?


  1. I used to be like that but I have so many books that I own right now and need to read I stopped. My freshman year I went a lot and I learned never to go with friends because they were never as serious as me about books. And I am the opposite of you. I love paperbacks just because they are easier to fit into a bag so I can take them everywhere I go.

  2. I don't go to the library at all. The library here where I live is really bad! They have like no books I enjoy. They have barely any teen fiction and barely any new releases at all, its horrible. When I used to live in another town, I used to go all the time! Thank goodness for pbs and bookmooch. LOL.

  3. Katie: Well I guess I like hardcovers when I read at home because they last longer, don't flop around, and stuff. But yes, I agree, when I'm going out places I prefer a smaller paperback. :)

    Cindy: Aww sorry to hear that! Yeah, I've heard that a lot of small towns don't have good libraries and a small variety of books to choose from.

  4. I used to go to the library almost every day but I soon exhausted all of the books there that I really wanted to read and turned to instead! Haven't needed to go back since. :)

  5. Thank you SOOO much for that website! I'm definitely going to join soon :)


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