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Let's Talk! by Danae Dobson

Title: Let's Talk! Good Stuff for Girlfriends About God, Guys, and Growing Up
Author: Danae Dobson
Published: March 2003 by Tyndale House Publishers

My Rating: 5 stars
Tags: Nonfiction | Christian | Devotional
Even though this is a genuine Christian devotional, the author's topics are those that young readers aren't old enough to understand or relate to yet. (Dating, Body Image, Gossip, Sex, etc.)

This devotional for teenage girls is packed full with personal stories from the author, related Scripture verses, and insightful questions for the reader. Some topics covered include: Peer pressure, Sex, Dating, Siblings, Jealousy, Body Image, Self-Esteem, and Growing in Your Faith. There are forty-one devotions, under six different categories.

From the devotion Pardon My "French"

If you aren't talking to God or talking about Him, you shouldn't be using His name. The same goes for Jesus Christ, the "name that is above every name" (Philippians 2:9). He is the Creator of the universe; the almighty King of kings and Lord of lords. Can we really justify throwing His name around as though it meant nothing?

If you're like me, I prefer to read devotionals for teens during my quiet time. I especially liked this one because it was for girls my age, and I could relate to almost each topic covered. My friend recommended this book, and loaned me her copy for a week or two. I actually didn't give it back to her until a month later because I re-read it after I was done.

Even though I was already aware of most of the issues that Danae wrote about, this book really opened my eyes and brought up questions that I had never thought about before. The Scripture passages that were weaved into each topic fit perfectly, and I'll remember them for years to come. I really recommend this book for teenage girls who want to grow in their faith and learn more about themselves and God.

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  1. There's an award for you at my blog:

  2. I'm not christian, so reading Christian isn't exactly a comfortable topic! But it sounds like a good book for girls "coming of age"

  3. dear Danae, Your books are awesome. I love that you put references. I hope that you write more teen books. Your books have helped me see that i need to listen to Gods word more. I like your book lets talk the walk.All i do know is read the book and explain it with my mom. When i am reading it feels like i'm actually talking to you.Your book has inspired me.When i am done with both teen books, i hope there is more i can learn from .
    Abby Rosales


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