Monday, May 4, 2009

Musing Mondays: To bookmark, or not to bookmark?

Today's Topic: Bookmarks!

While reading a book, do you use a bookmark to hold your spot? Do you use homemade ones, or buy them at the store? you (gasp!) dog-ear the page?

Unlike some readers who can read an entire book in one sitting, it takes me a few days to finish it. So...yes, I use a bookmark. I have all sorts of ones! Some are homemade that I made a few years back, and others are ones that I got from church with Bible verses on them. Sometimes when I lose my bookmark, I'll just tear off a piece of paper or use a post-it note/note card to mark my place for the time being. I do admit, I dog-ear the pages but only when in desperate times! :P

What about you?


  1. i know i should use a bookmark but i usually just try to memorize the page, and then when i forget (which is more often than not)i just try to guess, and end up re-reading a few sentences till i go-wait you read that already. move along :)

  2. Haha yes I've tried memorizing the page # too...but doesn't work out too well for me.

  3. I use bookmarks. And my only craft hobby is bookmark making. Where are, Ashley? Was hopin to see you at Little Lov'n Monday.

  4. I pretty much quite with bookmarks. I usually stop at a spot that's easy to find or I just remember my page. And when desperate times call for desperate measures, I dog-ear the page.


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