Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sarah Quigley's awesome present!

I've been getting little presents in the mail these past few weeks ever since I made this blog - usually they are books from other bloggers, paperbackswap, or authors/publishers.

So.. last night when a small, light package was found sitting on my doorstep, I wondered what it could be. After ripping it open (plus looking at the return address :P) I knew it was the awesome gift from Sarah Quigley! Sarah is the author of TMI, which I haven't read yet but really want to.

I bet you're wondering what the gift was, right? ;] ...a knitted NOSE WARMER :) I had never seen or heard of these adorable things before, but after looking them up on Google Images I was excited to have my own, haha. So here I am with my awesome nose warmer...too bad summer just arrived; and some bookmarks she also gave me.

I tried putting it on my cat, Mittens, but it didn't work out too well. Here was his reaction:

So thank you Sarah! Even though my sister keeps calling me "Pig Nose" because I wear it around the house when I'm bored :] Everyone - go get her book!


  1. haha yeah, he wasn't too happy with me :)

  2. LOL. It looks like a cute mini snow hat that clutches your face!

  3. HAHA you're so right, it does!

  4. Ya I did get the books off book divas :P I haven't started reading them either. I'm trying to get all the books to review read before I leave for camp next Sunday.

  5. lol that's so cute! Yay for cats and nice authors!

  6. Haha, poor Mittens. That's really cute though. Tmi is really good, I hope you like it. :)


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