Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - The Hidden Haven

Saturday Spotlight is where I feature another book blogger, for you to check out! You should take a look at their site and leave a comment. (: [I got this meme from Kristen.]

Name: Caitlin Usignol
Age: 23
Blog Name: The Hidden Haven

Share a little bit about yourself:
I am 23 living at home while I finish going to school to become a veterinarian technician. I love working with all kinds of animals, even snakes and lizards now. I only have one dog but she is my shadow. She loves curling up with me when I read on the bed.

How long have you been blogging and what made you want to start?
I only started in September so I am still pretty new at the whole thing. I have been reading other peoples blogs and just wanted to be apart of the blogoshere. I wanted to feel like I was giving back not just taking.

What does your site have?
Basically, right now just reviews, cover love posts, releases coming out that month, and author signings in the New Jersey/Philly Area because thats where I am from. I have done a few giveaways but not many people entered, I will do better next time.

What is your favorite thing about book blogging?
I like feeling statisfied that I am giving back and I really like meeting other people who love losing themselves in book as much as I do. My family doesn't understand so I like finding kindred spirits.

What are your favorite books and/or authors? What about genre in general?
Some of my favorites are Nalini Singh, Kelley Armstrong, Cassandra Clare, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Eileen Wilks, and Patricia Briggs is just a few. I love series in paranormal romances, urban fantasy, and I do like historical romances.


What's your favorite cartoon character?
Pebbles from the Flinstones. I was her for halloween one year.

What kind of music do you listen to, or favorite bands?
I really like country. Carrie Underwood, Sugarland, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Dixie Chicks and Lady Antebellum. I love listening to a lot of others if people point them out, I am not good at finding good music on my own.

Do you play any instruments, or want to?
No, I don't but would love to play piano. I always thought it would be cool.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! Any of you who aren't followers of Caitlin's site yet - what are you waiting for!?

If you would like to be featured on a Saturday Spotlight post, shoot me an email at booksobsession(at)gmail(dot)com
It doesn't matter how long you've been blogging - I'll interview anyone!

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