Friday, September 4, 2009

The Volturi have arrived!

Michael Sheen as Aro
(YES! He looks just like a vampire, it's creepy! Even though I have no clue who this actor is...)

Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus
(Hahaha is it just me....or does this look like something you'd find in one of those Halloween costume magazines?) :P

Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius
(Hmm this one's interesting. I think he has the face...but I'm not sure about that bleached blonde hair haha. I'm pretty sure he was in Sweeney Todd?)
...He kind of reminds me of Draco Malfoy..haha.

Dakota Fanning as Jane
(At first, I was speechless when I heard she'd be playing Jane - but after seeing this picture, I'm so glad! She looks the part perfectly, and Dakota is such a great actress she won't ruin it. :] )

Cameron Bright as Alec
(Ooohh... ;] )

What do you think!? I'm thinking amazingly creepy! Hmm maybe the Twilight movie sequels won't be as bad as I thought... that is, if the acting is better.


  1. Creepy and amazing! I can't wait for this film!

  2. Woah. Awesome pictures. Maybe this one WON'T be as bad. Hopefully. x)

  3. Michael Sheen plays in the Underworld. He's the bad ass werewolf named Lucian. He looks a lot better with his beard. The last picture?! I wonder if they are going to keep the scene as it is in the book whenever they are walking to meet the Volturi where its like in this cave like sewer.

  4. Yay for Dakota Fanning. The blonde guy ... there's something weird about him. I laughed when I saw the first pic. He doesn't look so bad in the second photo, though. Cameron Bright is sooooo creepy in everything he does, so great casting there! You never know, the Volturi may out-act the rest of the cast ... ;)

  5. I haven't seen the cast yet. Thanks for sharing. I think Dakota was a perfect choice for Jane. She difinitely looks the part, especially in the last picture. Hopefully, the sequels will be better than the first movie. Personally the movie had terrible acting. *crosses fingers next ones do better*

  6. They look indeed creepy! The first three guys...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. :)

  7. Rachel: I was thinking the same thing! This scene doesn't look like in a cave/alley thing.

    JessJordan: Haha I know, right? He looks like a Draco Malfoy copy-cat. I really hope they can act, too.

    Casey: No problem! I agree about Dakota. I think she'll play the part great. *crosses fingers!*

  8. Whoa! I was a little worried too when I heard Dakota was going to be Jane but she looks perfect! Ah, I cannot wait for this movie...


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