Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birthday Bash - My Sweet 16


For today's BB post, I'll share a little bit about what my Sweet 16 party will be. The theme is Alice in Wonderland! I love this classic story, and the Disney movie of it, not to mention - I can't wait for the Tim Burton version coming out in March! The movie trailer is awesome, and Johnny Depp makes the most perfect Mad Hatter, I think.

I've done hours of research and googling, trying to plan the party. So far, I've filled up almost 8 pages in a notebook with just decoration ideas. Alice in Wonderland is full of so much wacky, bizarre, colorful things, that I'm going to go overboard on decorations!

I've also planned a few party games including an elaborate Scavenger Hunt, with huge twirly lollipops for the winners. Now, all I need to focus on is FOOD. I have no idea what to serve! I've seen a lot of web sites (with Alice in Wonderland party ideas) with food and cake suggestions, but I just don't know. I plan on serving dinner, cake, and a tea party with little desserts. I'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions!!

One other thing - I'm in desperate need of tea pots! As we all know, the Mad Hatter tea party is crucial to include at my party, but I don't own any tea pots. I've looked on e-bay, the dollar store, etc. but can't find any cheap ones. Help??

I'll let everyone know how the party went once it's done! I might even post some pictures? Right now it's planned for October 10th, but that might change.


  1. Definitely little cakes with "Eat me." Did you try any toy stores for tea pots? They should have some cheap plastic tea pots. Or maybe Hobby Lobby too.

  2. Oh yes I'm definitely having the "Eat Me" cookies and cups that say "Drink Me."

    Thanks - good idea about the tea pots! :]

  3. That's adorable! I'm not creative at all, but you could set up a long table or decorate your cake according to Alice's journey through Wonderland? Like the Queen of hearts, meeting the mad hatters. Idk, I realized I haven't watched Alice in Wonderland in such a long time! And thanks for the great trailer. (:

  4. Wow, great theme for a party! It really sounds like fun! :)


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