Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthday Bash - Interview with Janette Rallison

Birthday Bash - Countdown: 5 days!

Today's BB post is an interview with author Janette Rallison! She has written many young adult books including: Just One Wish, My Fair Godmother, It's a Mall World After All, and How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend.

Can you tell us about your own Sweet 16 party (if you had one) OR If you didn't have a Sweet 16 party, how would you have imagined it to be?

I didn't get a Sweet 16 party. The only worse than not getting a Sweet 16 party, is not getting a Sweet 16 party because your parents are in another state looking for houses, where they will move you to right before your senior year. Yeah, that day was a lot of fun.
But if I did have one, I would have liked to hang out with my friends, my current crush (whoever that was at the time) and lots of chocolate.

What was the best thing about being 16?

I wasn't allowed to date until I was sixteen, so definitely the best thing was dating . . . followed closely by kissing. Which is perhaps why I write romances into my teen novels. I was really boy crazy at that age.

The worst thing?

I crashed into a parked car. I obviously wasn't going very fast, but it was still traumatic. I went home in tears and was stressed out about driving for awhile after that.

What are some of your favorite memories of being a teenager?

I loved the social life. I got to see my friends every day and flirt with boys. I even liked shopping because hey, school was just one big fashion show. Oh, and I could eat anything I want and not gain an ounce. If it weren't for the fact that during those teenage years I constantly felt like my ego was up on a chopping block--anyone can take a swipe at you when you're in that high school hierarchy--the teenage years would have been really great.

What was your first car like?

The family car was a brown station wagon. Really cool. Then I went to college and didn't have a car. When I married my husband, he drove a yellow Oldsmobile sedan. That's how you can tell it was true love, I married him despite the fact that he picked me up for every date in a yellow Oldsmobile sedan. Now I drive a mini van. Maybe some day I'll get that Jaguar.

Remember your first high school crush or boyfriend? Care to go into details...? ;]

I don't remember the first crush because I had so many and went through them so quickly. If the guy was cute and not obviously headed to jail, at some point I would be in love with him. This is not a good way to screen boyfriends, by the way. Luckily all the guys I dated were nice and didn't take advantage of my flakiness.

One of my old boyfriends just emailed me that he came across my old letters to him. (You remember I moved my senior year.) He said he'd send them to me. I'm afraid to read them. I'd like to pretend they were all well thought out, meaningful, and written with perfect spelling--but I'll have the proof soon that they were otherwise.

Explain your version of the most perfect girls' night out?

Hmm, how about this: Said girls go out to dinner and run into Robert Pattinson, Zach Efron, and Orlando Bloom at the restaurant. The guys are so taken with the wit and charms of the girls, that they whisk them off to Hollywood to see the premier for New Moon. (I'm sure Zach and Orlando are big Twilight fans.)
Hey, it could happen . . . at least it could happen in one of my books--in Just One Wish it sort of does happen, but in a more realistic and funny sort of way.

Thanks so much for answering my questions Janette!

*Check for tomorrow's Birthday Bash post, for a chance to win a book of hers! :)


  1. Great interview! I like the high school crush question and answer :-) hehe

  2. Mary D
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    I'm with Reggie - the part about "if the guy was cute and not obviously headed to jail" cracked me up!!!! IT WAS SO TRUE for all us high school gals lol

  3. I would hate the thought of old letters showing up again! Just knowing he would have probably read them again, and who knows who else! Ack!

    My 16th wasn't so great, either. The only thing that really happened was getting my license and braces. Yeah, a wonderful day. Birthdays are generally crappy days in my experience, not so much because the day is crappy (though sometimes it was), but mostly because we all hope for something more on those days and when they turn out like every other day it's a disappointment.

  4. I completely agree kt! I think people make birthdays seem better than they really are. For me, they feel just like any other day for the most part.

  5. I couldn't date til I was sixteen either, but I was Ok with that since I wasn't that social. I really just went on dates with my guy friends! Great interview.

  6. Lol, I almost crashed into a parked car when I was 16, too. It was horrible. Luckily, I got better at driving.

    I love this interview. The questions were amazing!

  7. I'll be 17 in less than a month and still don't have my learners. XD I wouldn't be surprised if I crashed into a parked car. I don't know if I'd have pegged her for having been boy crazy. lol. Great interview.


  8. Love your criterior on picking first crushs!

  9. I loved your interview. Great questions!! :)

  10. I loved her idea of a perfect girls' night! I'd like to be there for that one.

  11. Great interview! She sounds very much like me when I was a teenager.


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