Saturday, September 19, 2009

Books Obsession Policy


All reviews, commentaries, and posts are written by me, thought up with using my brain. I don't use other's ideas without asking first and/or giving them the credit they deserve. I try to keep my blog family-friendly, without the use of profanity. So I ask that you respect that and keep the vulgar out of your comments, too.

You can read my review policy here.


If there's one thing I'm known for, it's my honesty. And this blog is definitely no exception. If you don't agree with something I have to say, feel free to let me know in a comment. However, make sure it's appropriate and not just plain rude. If you don't like what I have to say, then you by no means have to read it. No one's forcing you to; and I will never understand the people who waste their time writing elaborate hate mail because there's just no point. I have the right to delete any comments from my blog. So I'll tell you now, if you have something awful to say, might as well not take the time typing it out because it'll just get deleted by yours truly. Sorry if you're having a bad day, but you don't need to take it out on me.

I love, love, love comments. They remind me that there are people out there in the world actually reading what I have to say. If you leave me a question through a comment, I'll either comment back on that post or will e-mail you the answer.


All of my contests are for people at least 13 years old, since it's illegal, and not to mention creepy, to get addresses from anyone under 13. I only use the winners' addresses to mail them out their prizes, and then discard it. I will not sell or share addresses because again, I'm not a stalker and not that desperate to try to make money. If someone other than me, such as an author or publisher, is mailing out the prize, I will tell the winner in an email so that they know.

My contests are usually open to U.S. residents only, since I'm the one paying for shipping. However, if they are international, I'll say so in the contest post. Also, if an author or publisher contributed to the contest, I'll say so in the post. They deserve the credit for supplying the prizes.

The rules change for each of my contests, but I specifically explain them in each post. If you won't take the time to read them, then please don't bother entering. It will save us both a lot of time. I have the right to extend or stop a contest at any time, too.

For the most part, winners are chosen at random. I usually use, or some other type of random number generator. Yes, I've had the same person win more than one contest on my blog before. I try to give others a chance, and so far it hasn't been a problem. But if the same people win multiple times, then I will simply pick another winner - so I won't look suspicious, and to be fair and give others a turn.

I think that's about it!

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