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Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Title: Someone Like You
Author: Sarah Dessen
Published: May 2004 by Puffin Books

My Rating: 4 stars
Tags: YA | Realistic | Girls | Romance
Includes: Profanity, Sexual Content, Drug/Alcohol Abuse, Pregnancy

First Lines: Scarlett Thomas has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. That's why I knew when she called me at Sisterhood Camp, during the worst week of my life, that something was wrong even before she said it.

Halley and Scarlett have been best friends for years, always there for each other. So when Scarlett finds out that she's pregnant just two months after her boyfriend's death, Halley must step up to the plate and be the friend Scarlett has always been to her. Halley and her mom, a therapist, have been close best friends for life - until the summer before Junior year, when Halley begins to change. She befriends the popular, loudmouth Ginny Tabor, and starts dating irresponsible, rebel Macon, whom her parents don't approve of. As Halley starts getting in trouble at school and home, she must turn to Scarlett for support. Together, the two girls experience a school year they will never forget.

From Page 20
"Scarlett?" I said, there in the dark, and as she turned to me I saw her face was streaked with tears. For a minute, I didn't know what to do. I thought of what she had done all the millions of times I'd cried to her, collapsing at even the slightest wounding of my heart or pride. So I reached over and pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her, and held my best friend close, returning so many favors all at once.

Sarah Dessen has always been one of my favorite authors because I feel like I can always relate to the characters and I like her realistic approach of writing. Plus, a cute romance seems to always be included.. ;) So I didn't hesitate to get this book for myself; even looking at the adorable cover makes me want to read it!

By the first few pages, I liked the novel already. I was able to really dig down into Halley's character and walk around in her shoes. However, unlike Dessen's other books, I couldn't actually relate to the main character. While she constantly made wrong decisions, I just wanted to scream at her and throw the book at the wall. Even by the end of the book, I don't feel like she changed that much. I think I'd like the book a lot better if I liked Halley's character more. Scarlett on the other hand, well, let's just say: I would kill to be her bestfriend. I loved her character!

The story had an overall good, realistic plot that covered many aspects in life that teenagers face at one point or the other. Such as grieving over the death of a loved one, branching out from your parents for a sense of independence, teenage pregnancy, and how to end a bad relationship.

From Page 168
"Now," she began, "since you've been hanging out with Macon you've gotten caught skipping school, broken your curfew, and your attitude is always confrontational and difficult. Honestly, I don't even recognize you anymore. You smell like cigarettes when you come home, you're listless and distracted. You never talk about school with us anymore. You're distant."

Even though Halley seems to act like she has the worst mother a teenager can ask for, her mother did make valid arguments. I liked hearing it from two different perspectives - Halley, the girl who thinks she's in love with the best guy ever, and her mom, who refuses to like Macon.

There were, especially, certain parts in the book that I got completely absorbed in. With my nose practically pushed up against the page, whenever someone tried to talk to me, I'd rudely shush them and tell them to wait until I was done with the chapter. (Yes, I can be rude when I read!) Overall, I enjoyed the book and would read it again.

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  1. Hey girl! Great review! I actually still haven't read an of Dessen's books. Bad me. I saw you left a comment and if you're serious about the interview, I'd love to do it. :-D Shoot me an email -

  2. I love Sarah Dessen. I love and own all of her books. This was really good. Not her best but really good.

  3. Mary D
    I've not read anything by Sarah Dressen, but this is a good review and now I'll start looking for her books :)

  4. loved this book...honestly this is one kind of story that is rare in real life...i mean the actual friend who'll stay by your side no matter what...i loved this book and i have re-read it about 4 times!

  5. LOL! Great review! I can be rude to people too when I read =)

  6. Sarah Dessen,... wow! i mean, her books are amazing! The last book i read of her's was, dreamland. That book made me cry every time i read it. I have read it now, 3 times. It's such a sad book yet she captures the essence so it's like you're there. it's amazing what she writes.

  7. I am rude when I'm reading too. No one disturbs me when I'm reading... Haha.


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