Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm in shock...!

OH MY GOSH! Do you SEE what that little red circle on the cover says!? In case you cant, it says:

Bella & Edward's Favourite Book

...are you kidding me??

I'm sorry in advance for any of you Twilight-obsessed fanatics, but this is just waaay too much! Sure, I thought the Twilight saga was great and all - but what the heck is the world of literature coming to!? Wuthering Heights, a classic, is now reprinting the book with this sticker on it...not to mention the cover.. hmm it looks awfully familiar. I can not believe they would go this far just to sell a classic novel. It's pathetic.

I'm sorry, I just really gotta get all of this off my chest. Everywhere I look nowadays, it's always Twilight this! Twilight that! There are sooo many other great books out there for people to discover. I'm so tired of everything being Twilight - it hurts my head. :/ I used to love the books, but now...ughh it's just way too overdone.

Basically I just think it's pretty stupid that a classic novel, Wuthering Heights, now has to be promoted by Twilight. "Bella & Edward's Favourite Book" that really the best thing they can think of to try to sell more copies of it!? They are freakin fictional characters!

Again - I'm sorry if I offended anyone but it's just my own opinion. What do you think about it?


  1. Totally agree with you. It is crazy. But the marketing people know that Twilight is a huge hit, so they are going to continue to market those people until they know they cannot go any further. It is sad really to see this.

  2. EW EW times a hundred. I can't believe they did something like that. this twilight craze have gone too far.

  3. I think it's pretty funny. Imagine how surprised some TWILIGHT fans will be when they purchase WUTHERING HEIGHTS based solely on the cover! Ultimately, I think it's insulting to Bronte, too.

  4. the twilight craze extends even further! I thought they crossed the line when I found out Edward has his own GOOGLE but this is just crazy. I can't believe people still love twilight with the same fervor they had waaay before all the crazy movie madness.

  5. Edward has his own Google!? What??


    Then again, I think it's oddly appropriate. I mean, I certainly thought the plot of Wuthering Heights was as strangely icky as that of Twilight, so...I guess they deserve each other, at least a little.

  7. Somebody else posted about this and I'll say the same thing. Are you kidding ME! I totally agree. I liked Twilight but I hate how they're comparing it to everything now. Did you hear that they're comparing it to HP? Come on! Now its making me hate Twilight.

  8. In a way, I think this is really sad, especially because of that shameless Edward and Bella plug off to the right haha. But, I also think this is good because it gets people, especially teens reading. A lot of younger people want nothing to do with books of any kind, let alone a classic like Wuthering Heights. But that little red stamp thingy turns me off lol.

  9. Michelle, I agree with you about how it's a good way to get tweens reading classics...but the thing is - this was written in the 1800's! I think a lot of kids will be disappointed with it because it's a much harder and more complex book than Twilight.


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