Friday, August 21, 2009

Movie Review: Interview With A Vampire

So I know that usually I just review books, but today and next week I will have a movie review for the Gothic Film Club. It's hosted by Write For A Reader and Michelle Zink, author of the new novel "Prophecy of the Sisters."

This week, I watched the movie Interview With A Vampire. I've always been a vampire fan so when my best friend constantly kept telling me to watch the movie with her, I agreed.

Let me just start off telling you that this was a completely different movie than I had expected, and unlike any other movie I had seen before. In good and bad ways.

It tells the story of how Louis became a vampire and how his life drastically changed afterward. First of all, Brad Pitt makes a lovely vampire, and the whole "vampires are seductive and sexy" thing was definitely true, haha! The movie was very strange and I still don't really know how I thought about it. It was very interesting seeing the life of a vampire from their point of view - since books/movies usually make vampires the evil bad guy. Scenes where they killed their victims and drank their blood surprisingly didn't look fake-y which made it creepy but enjoyable at the same time. Some parts dragged a bit, and I found myself getting bored. However, there are certain scenes where I was biting my fingernails off! The time period fascinated me, and the costumes were so neat! I liked the diverse characters and seeing the transformation after a human got bitten and quickly changed into a beautiful vampire. Even though the ending was abrupt, it was a good twist. It wasn't a bad movie, but I probably wouldn't watch it again.

I give it 3 stars. You can watch the trailer here.


  1. Nice review of a great Gothic movie!

  2. Thanks Michelle! And congrats on your release of the Prophecy. Can't wait to read it. (:


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