Tuesday, April 26, 2011


First of all, thanks to those of you who entered my contest for an ARC that mysteriously got mailed to me:
Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz. The winner is....
Amy from I Heart Reading!

Second on the agenda, it's time to break some exciting news!! During the entire month of May I'm doing something BIG. EXTREME. AWESOME. What is it?! Oh just a little something I've been putting together over the past couple of weeks...emailing so many authors that my fingers are falling off...reviewing books like crazy...stressing over every little detail...eh, nothing really. Ha yeah right! I'm going to have a huge event called MARVELOUS MAY MASTERMINDS!

Every single day I'll be posting - whether it's an interview, guest post, contest, giveaway, etc. All of the authors (masterminds) featured during this big event were chosen by me because a) they're just plain awesome and b) they are having a YA book being published in May!

You don't wanna miss out, trust me. There will be some authors you're probably familiar with...Susane Colasanti, Leah Cypess, Libba Bray, Jennifer Brown...and others that are debuting in May for the first time! Jessi Kirby, Josephine Angelini, Tessa Gratton...the list goes on and on.

So spread the word about this event! Feel free to use that little button thing I made (you can just link it to my site). Anyone wanna help me out on how to make an easy code to just copy and paste? And I'd just like to point out how pretty it is matching my site. (:

Be sure to check back here on May 1st for the first featured author and a giveaway for her book! Hint: If you keep up with what I'm reading, you'll know who it will be!


  1. This sounds like such a great event!! Looking forward to it!

    I also found this website! It might help you!
    If you still can't do it, try googling ''how to make a button for my blog'' and you'll come up with a lot of pages on how to do it! Maybe one of them might be better for you! Hope you don't find it too difficult to do! I had a look at it and it seems pretty straightforward!

  2. P.S.: I spread the word on my blog! Good luck with the event! :)

  3. When you get a copy and past code I'll happily post this on my blog!



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