Friday, July 16, 2010

Secret Keeper - I was a winner!

Back on June 21, I got an email from the ABC Family people responsible for putting together the "Pretty Little Liars Secret Keeper Game" that I played throughout May and the beginning of June. If you didn't see my posts regarding the fun game, click here and read more about that.

It turns out I completed at least 8 out of 10 of the missions I had to do, so I was one of the winners! :) So, like I said, last month I got an email saying:

Hi! Thanks so much for playing our Secret Keepers game! Now comes the fun part - please send me a question for the cast member who has also been playing Spencer, and we will film her answering it. Timing is tight since the schedule for the show is very busy, so if you could send me your question today that would be great. Thanks again!

I was so ecstatic that Troian, the actress who plays Spencer on the show, would be answering a question of mine! I asked her: How did you capture Spencer's character? What did you add or bring to her personality for the show?

Today I finally got an email back from the ABC Family people, with a link to Troian's answer on a video on YouTube. She also answered four other questions from other book bloggers who were winners. I put the video below for you guys to watch! Ahhh so exciting, even though she doesn't say my name directly, it just makes me smile every time I hear her say "Hi Books Obsession" at the beginning...hah I know, I'm totally lame - but hey, it's exciting to have someone on TV refer to me!


Thanks, I love what you have to say!