Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Spotlight - Pages

Saturday Spotlight is where I feature another book blogger, for you to check out! You should take a look at their site and leave a comment. (: [I got this meme from Kristen.]

Name: Kirthi
Age: 13
Blog Name: Pages

Share a little bit about yourself:
I'm a nerdy 7th grader who loves to read and write, and blog!

How long have you been blogging and what made you want to start?
I started blogging on exactly
10/15/08 and I started blogging because:
  1. I wanted my own blog on the internet
  2. I wanted to share my reads to others
  3. I thought I was the only book blogger out there
  4. I wanted to see my own printed words on the internet
  5. I wanted to meet other people around the world.
What does your site have?
It has, of course, books reviews and occasionally movie reviews. Pages also includes interviews, random posts, News Around the Blogosphere posts and Weekly Wrap-Up posts.

What is your favorite thing about book blogging?

Interacting with other bloggers and learning about what they think about the books I read.

What are your favorite books and/or authors? What about genre in general?
Well, there's that cliche Harry Potter, Graceling, Shiver, City of Bones, and SO much more! I favor historical fiction and fantasy fiction over all the other genres, though I still enjoy them.

Now for the random questions!
What's the scariest dream you've ever had?
This may sound emo, but I had a dream that I was dying of hemophilia, though I had NO idea what hemophilia was.

Favorite chick-flick movie?
Don't think I've watched one.....

Best midnight snack?
Chocolate, who doesn't love chocolate (don't answer that :D)

Thanks for interviewing me, this was a load of fun to answer!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! Any of you who aren't followers of Kirthi's site yet - what are you waiting for!?

If you would like to be featured on a Saturday Spotlight post, shoot me an email at booksobsession(at)gmail(dot)com
It doesn't matter how long you've been blogging - I'll interview anyone!

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