Monday, May 10, 2010

The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan

Title: The Dead-Tossed Waves
Author: Carrie Ryan
Published: March 2010 by Delacorte Books

My Rating: 4 stars
Tags: YA | Fiction | Zombies | Book Two
Includes: Sensuality, Violence, Disturbing Scenes

First Lines: The story goes that even after the Return they tried to keep the roller coasters going. They said it reminded them of the before time. When they didn't have to worry about people rising from the dead.

*This is the sequel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth.*

Gabry has always been cautious and smart. She lives inside the barrier of Vista, protected from the Mudo (the "Unconsecrated" as they're called in Book One which are basically zombies), with her mother. They're in charge of the lighthouse and killing Mudo that wash up on shore from the ocean.
One night, her friends want to jump the barrier and explore the abandoned amusement park on the other side. Gabry reluctantly gives in to peer pressure, but only because her best friend's brother, Catcher, is there - who she likes. But something goes terribly wrong and the life that Gabry had before is completely shattered. She learns secrets from her mother's past; meets a boy who seems to already know her, and have feelings for her; and is constantly on the run from the Recruiters who want to capture her.

From page 189
Everything is wrong. Everything has changed. I've lied and broken rules and killed someone. I've broken my promises and failed. I don't know who I am anymore.

I'll just start out saying that I liked this book a whole lot more than the first one. The story introduces many new characters, and the author developed them wonderfully. Gabry alone is such a strong and courageous character - I really liked her. Even though she constantly reminds herself that everything is her fault, rolls in self-pity, blah blah blah...she's a really tough chick and I loved her. I liked how the book was a mix of genres, too. There was the suspense, of course, since Gabry lives in a world full of flesh-eating dead zombies. But there was also romance! With the inevitable love triangle - which kept my attention because I could never predict which guy Gabry would choose to be with. Catcher, her bestfriend's brother who she has grown up with her whole life? Or Elias, a stranger who seems to know her but truly cares about her?

The writing in this book was so deep and raw. I got to really dig in to Gabry's inner feelings and understand what she was going through so well. She changed a lot through the course of the novel. She's constantly surrounded by pain and death, yet is still able to find hope and happiness in light of it all.

The book overall really held my attention. The action-packed journey that Gabry experiences is nail-biting and suspenseful. Carrie Ryan did a fantastic job of describing the Mudo, I was practically living in Gabry's world with the scary zombies. One night after staying up late reading, I actually had a nightmare about them! I did have a lot of questions when the book kind of ended abruptly, but hopefully those will be answered in the third book, The Dark and Hollow Places.

From page 387
I see his nostrils flare the instant his senses ignite. And then his eyes go wide and his mouth opens, lips pulled back from his teeth. His moans are harsh and demanding as he claws at the air.

Cover Thoughts: Creepy, creepy, creepy! The washed out colors, text, picture - everything on this cover screams what this book is about. I really like it and think it's appropriate for the book.

Book Supplied by: ARC won from a contest.


  1. Great review. I already have the first book, but didn't get around to reading it. Plus, I've never read a zombie book before, so it'll be quite the reading experience.

  2. I agree. It was a good book, but for me it was on the same level as the first book. Still can't wait for more!

  3. My wonderful kids got me this for Mother's Day! Needless to say, I'm eager to read it :D

  4. I can't wait to read this. I really enjoyed The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

  5. I own The Forest of Hands and Teeth, but I haven't ever gotten around to reading it. I really should. I'm glad to see that you liked this one! Great review :)

  6. Great review! I haven't had a chance to get started on this series yet but I've heard great things about it and can't wait to read them, thanks for the rec!

  7. I really liked The Forest of Hands and Teeth but, like you, I thought it lacked a little something. But you could tell in The Dead-Tossed Waves that Carrie's writing had really developed and the plot became so much more interesting. So yeah, I loved this one too and I can't wait for the next!

  8. I went into The Forest of Hands and Teeth expecting to love it. I ended up really enjoying the writing, but....Mary made me root for the zombies. It was like watching a horror movie and just wanting the annoying heroine to die already. Which I don't think was the authors intention. I don't know whether or not to pick up this book :/

  9. I LOVED this book. I agree with Tina in that it was like watching a horror movie but I felt like I was standing on my seat saying - Don't go there!! I really enjoyed it. Have you seen the cover for book 3? The Dark and Hollow Places? Love it.

  10. The Dead Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan is a companion novel to her debut, The Forest of Hands and Teeth. Let me put this out there right now, I think it was a spectacular follow-up. Plot in a nutshell, Mary from FoHT has a daughter named Gabry in the coastal town. Gabry is kind of a chicken. However, hot boy named Catcher convinces her to jump the barrier and go to the abandoned amusement park with him. Zombie mayhem ensues.

    Honestly, at first I thought I would hate Gabry because she's not as courageous as Mary. Rather, she spends much of her time being scared. She's sort of like Chuckie Finster, in that everyone wants to go do something fun and she's all GUYZ this isn't a good idea! However, the at first should signify to you that I changed my mind. Gabry, I think has a normal reaction. Sorry ya'll I don't want to tangle with zombies, I've seen Dawn of The Dead (until I got too scared and had to turn it off) and 28 Days Later. I know zombies are scary and you are best off just staying where it's safe, so it's completely unfair of me to judge her for being a weakling, cuz guess what, I am one too! The cool thing about Gabry is that she is given room to grow, she's not an immediate B.A., but she becomes one and exhibits some extreme courage.


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