Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who's taking home a tote bag?

My contest for a cute tote bag made by author Katie Alender ended last night. There were 77 entries, out of the 18 entrants. And the winner is....

Congrats! I just emailed her and she has 3 days to email me back or else another winner will be chosen. Thanks for entering everyone! :)


Some of the funny costumes people mentioned were:

(From Mary Ann DeBorde): a close relative with a warped sense of humor dressed up a few years ago in a long white men's pj's with ketchup splashed across the crotch ... he told everyone he was dressed up at Lorena Bobblit's HUSBAND omg :P

(From Erica): Ha the best halloween costume i've ever had was when my dad found these 2 huge plastic toothbrushes that were for like a display at a rummage sale. My cousin and I decided to go as dentists, and carry these giant toothbrushes. We were Dr Drill and Dr Fill. People were like, "Oh no, the health freaks on the loose." And offered us apples instead of candy lol.

(From Barbrafl): Funniest Halloween costume would have to be my school librarian dressing as a sumo ballerina :D Amazing.

(From Veronica): The funniest costume I have ever seen was between a plug and socket (the guy was the plug, the girl was the socket!) and my twin uncles' giant boob costume (they were literally a giant boob!) :D

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