Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Books Obsession Review Policy

What I Review:

I will only read young adult books. I've tried adult-fiction and middle-grade books, and I just don't like either. However, I'm very open to basically any genre. I enjoy realistic fiction, romance, fantasy, apocalypse, horror, mystery, romance, paranormal, etc. (Notice I wrote romance twice - maybe you'll get the hint). Historical fiction is the only genre that I'm very hesitant about reading. I also tend to lean away from novels written in free-verse.

I much prefer actual books or ARCs, rather than e-books or e-galleys. I know our generation is becoming very dependent on technology and I do have a Kindle myself, but I still prefer the traditional written book. However, if there is no possible way for me to get my hands on a copy of your book, then I'll read your ebook or digital review copy. Maybe.

*Edit: At this time, I'm not accepting self-published ebooks, sorry!

How I Review:

Don't expect me to lie or hold back when I write a review. I am as honest as it gets. Sure, sometimes I'll try to add a little sugar on top of a book that I really disliked, but for the most part I will be completely and utterly honest sharing my opinion. So only ask me to review your book if you want to hear my honest thoughts and can take what I'll say as helpful criticism and not insults. For the most part though, I usually like what I read. I'm not too hard to please and will be entertained by most novels. Take a look through my past reviews and you'll get the idea of what I like! So remember, just because you asked me to review your book, doesn't mean I'll write an A+ positive review for it.

I give reviews star ratings, from zero to five. 5 stars basically means the book is flat out amazing and everyone needs to sprint to their nearest book store/library and spend the rest of the day getting absorbed in it. 3 stars means the book was pretty good. It has its pros and cons, and it was alright. 0 stars...well let's just say if you're in desperate need for some toilet paper, don't hesitate to rip out some pages from the book to use. All of the half stars in between I'll let you make up your own definition for. (The average star rating I give books has been around 4 stars - which is rather good. I'm not too harsh with my ratings.)

When I Review:

I'm a slow reader, not gonna lie. It usually takes me a week or two to read a book. If I get a review copy while I'm in the middle of another book, I'll finish reading the current one first. I don't like reading more than one book at a time. I'm good with deadlines though, so if you have a specific time you need the review by, I will do my very best to meet that date. I can't make any promises, but I will make the book my number one priority to read before any others.

Author Interviews:

I will interview authors, whether I've read their work or not. It's usually easier for me to interview authors that I'm familiar with (like I've read one of their books before), so that I don't struggle with what questions to ask. However, I'm very open to meeting new authors and getting to know them before I get to know their books, too. I usually just interview an author once for the blog, however they are more than welcomed to also write a guest post.

Book Promotions:

This blog is solely used for the purpose of anything bookish related (minus the few random posts I sometimes make). I'd love to help promote your book, BUT only if it's something I've already read and liked. I made the mistake one time of having a big book promotion for an author through the course of an entire week, and ended up not even liking their book after I read it. That was awkward, for both me and the author - and I hope to not ever do that again. I don't want my blog to just become a billboard for good advertisement. It deserves better than that! So if you know already that I liked your book or that I'm interested in reading it, you may contact me about a book promotion, blog tour, etc.

Just to re-cap:

I only review young adult books, of almost any genre. I will give my honest thoughts on the novel and will not lie to get on an author's good side. I'll read and review the book as fast as I can but you must remember that I have a life outside of reading. I run this blog because it's just a fun hobby of mine to do during my free time and I enjoy it. I don't do it to get free stuff, nor do I get paid from it. If you think I'd like your book (please don't be scared of me, I promise I don't bite!) email me at: booksobsession(at)gmail(dot)com

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