MMM: Josephine Angelini

Interview with Josephine Angelini, author of Starcrossed

What were the feelings and thoughts that ran through your head when you first heard that your stories would soon become a published series?

"Don't drop your phone, dummy! You can't afford another one until they pay you!" The rest of me was too stunned and grateful to feel or think anything else.

The cover of your novel is gorgeous! Did you help in its creation?

I did have a lot of say, but only in a "yes/no" capacity. The design came from the team at Harper Collins. They are very talented. They even came up with a brand new font for me with a lightning bolt in the center of the O! I love it.

If you could pair Helen up (romantically or as best friends) with any character from another book who would it be?

I think Helen would get along really well with Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. Helen likes to hang out with smart, bossy girls. She admires their spunk, and Hermione definitely fits that bill.

You graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in theater. So what sparked your interest in writing a book?

Hunger? Just kidding. Although it may seem like a big switch, you'd be surprised how closely related studying theatre is to writing: understanding pacing, character development, and dialogue. The difference is that when you are a writer you get to be all the characters and create the world to boot. It's a much better deal all around, I think.

Growing up with six sisters must have been a very interesting childhood for you. What were the pros and cons of having so many siblings?

One of the biggest pros is that there is always someone else to blame for what you broke. But the con is, as the youngest, I was usually the one that got blamed for breaking everything.

If you could travel to any place in the world where would it be and why?

Right now I'm going to say Fiji. I just want to go to an island with lots of fish to look at and take a long nap. Maybe get a tan, eat some fruit. Unfortunately, I owe Harper Collins a third book, so there will be no Fiji for me for quite some time.

What project(s) are you currently working on that you'd like to share?

Book 3! I have over 30 pages of outlines, character arcs, timelines, and moment-to-moment beats. Now I just have to break the seal and write 'Chapter One' at the top of the page. Man, I wish I was in Fiji.

Have an interesting fact about yourself that not too many people know?

I have all four of my wisdom teeth.

Anything else you'd like to tell the readers?

I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out immediately!

Thank you so much for letting me interview you, Josephine! Best of luck with your release.

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Margay said...

Six sisters! Wow! I grew up in a big family, too, but I had a coupe of brothers in the mix, too.

Aanchal@Book Flame said...

I was actually planning on a trip to Fiji next year. Anyways great interview can't wait to read Starcrossed.

Anonymous said...

What a big family. I only have one sibling and always wished for a bigger family. The book looks great. The cover is awesome.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

vampireprincess said...

Never liked Hermione. She annoys me in the books but least she has read the books. Love the cover sounds like a great read

Anonymous said...

Wow, the company sure knows how to treat their writers. And I love their book covers; it's all so exquisite and creative! Plus, I never knew that theatre would like writing...and having 2 sisters? Whew, I'm still dealing with one, haha! I really enjoyed this interview, mostly because Josephine Angelini had some funny replies! Plus, your questions were interesting, and creative. Especially your blog! I love your blog, and I'm just a new follower! You're doing an amazing job! Keep it up, my dear!

Maidenveil said...

Good luck with writing book three! :) Helen and Hermione can get along just well.

M.A.D. said...

I can relate to the big family thing - there were 17 of us siblings lol

Cannot wait to read Josephine's books! :D
Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com

My name is Patricia said...

I love that she choose Hermoine. I love Hermoine! She would make a great friend to anyone! Great question!

Jessy said...

Hermoine would be my friend choice as well. How can you not love her.

Anonymous said...

I love Hermione too! I have one older sister and I can't imagine six of them!

Lisa R/alterlisa said...

Big families probably give you a lot of fodder for your books.


alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

Well google/blogger whatever will not let me post under my name...I don't know what is up. GFC name is Maria (pronounced Mariah) I blame my mother…

Wow...six sisters. No brothers? Were your parents really determined to have a son? I have two girls and decided that was enough...I didn't need a boy bad enough to try again.

StuckInBooks said...

Hey it's really exciting that she has 6 sisters! How would you every get any bathroom time?

Sierra Cullen.♥ said...

-Wow! She grew up in a big family! I only have two siblings; I don't know she couldn't of dealt with six! And I love how she picked Hermione! I haven't read the Harry Potter series yet, but I've heard how people love Hermione. :]

Thanks for the interview! ♥


Tiffany said...

She's writing book 3 already? Wow! I can't wait to see what all the other covers look like--the first one was gorgeous!

mbreakfield said...

Enjoyed the interview. With six sisters, I hope you had more than one bathroom.

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