Monday, December 26, 2011

Author's Favorite Character of the Year: Part 2

In celebration of my "End of the Year Madness" event, I asked an author to share what her favorite character from books written in 2011 are.


Sonia Gensler, author of The Revenant:

My favorite character in a book written this year has to be Eldric from CHIME. In a world of brooding bad boys, he’s a refreshing change. (Which isn’t to say that I don’t sometimes love brooding heroes – it’s just nice to find a character who is nice and yet still manages to be compelling.) Eldric is the new boy in town, and he lodges with the family of CHIME’s protagonist, Briony. Briony wants nothing to do with him – she’s got too much on her mind, what with feeling responsible for all her family’s problems, including her twin sister’s seemingly damaged mind. Briony also keeps secret the fact that she’s a witch. She can’t allow herself to trust Eldric and certainly doesn’t need the distraction of his charm and good looks. Eldric makes no secret of the fact that he thinks Briony is wonderful. So does he tempt and tease her? Turn warm and cold until she’s utterly confused? Relentlessly pursue her until she wearies and gives in? No. He offers friendship. He exhibits patience. He takes the time to learn about Briony’s hopes and fears, offers support, and gives her space when she needs it. Eldric has all these wonderful qualities and still manages to be incredibly sexy and mysterious. Who are your favorite YA romantic heroes who just happen to be nice? :)

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