Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Title: Hourglass
Author: Myra McEntire
Published: June 2011 by Egmont USA

My Rating: 5 stars
Tags: YA | Romance | Paranormal
Includes: Sensuality

First Lines: My small Southern hometown is beautiful in the haunting way an aging debutante is beautiful. The bones are exquisite, but the skin could use a lift.

Emerson can see things...people from the past, like dead soliders and southern belles.
Since her parents died four years ago, she now lives with her brother, Thomas, and his wife. Thomas is eager to help stop Emerson's visions so he hires a consultant from an organization called the Hourglass, to do the job. His name is Michael Weaver, and right away Emerson notices how handsome and young he is. And weird enough, Michael tells her that he can see these visions, too, and that she's not crazy. As Emerson begins to learn more and more about herself and her special ability, the closer she becomes to Michael. But what is he not telling her?

I had no idea what this book was about based on the cover and summary, but thought, "Why not give it a try?" And I am so glad that I did just that. Right away, this book had me hooked. There was so much mystery and intrigue, not to mention the author's beautiful way with words. Her writing was vivid and clear, opening my imagination to a new world she created. I have mixed feelings about Emerson - the stubborn, bold, and daring protagonist. Those are all great traits for a strong female lead role, but at times in the story it just became annoying. She won't listen to anyone, and will do whatever she wants, regardless of the outcome. Of course, because of this, the book was definitely full of surprises and adventures. Throw in a cup of romance, a tablespoon of mystery, and a pinch of suspense, and you've got yourself the perfect recipe of a new kind of paranormal book.

Ah, the ever well-known love triangle. It doesn't play a huge role in the story, but it definitely will hold your attention. I hope that it plays out more in the next book! Just as Emerson is falling for Michael, out of nowhere comes his best friend and roommate, Kaleb. Sort of on the bad boy side and a major flirt, Emerson is soon batting eyelashes at him, too. For me, both guys won my heart and I liked them both for different reasons.

From page 274
He moved swiftly. Cupping my face in his hands, he bent forward until he was a breath away from my lips. My blood rushed through my veins, every inch of my skin shivering and boiling at the same time. I half expected fire to shoot out of the electrical sockets. The lightbulb blew in one of the lamps on the buffet table, sounding a quiet ping into the dark. I closed my eyes. Just as quickly as he'd grabbed me he let me go.

The story never stops moving; it will grab your interest and run with it. Each character in the novel is deeply well-developed and the emotions are captured perfectly. The ending will take you by surprise and you'll never see it coming. Oh how I love a good plot twist! McEntire has written a breathtakingly creative book that will have you greedy for more, even once it's over.

Cover Thoughts: It's completely awesome. At first glance, it looks really simple...until you realize that it's all an illusion and she's actually walking on a wall!


  1. This book really was an awesome surprise, fast-moving plot with a lot of twists and turns! I'm glad you loved it too.

  2. I was totally torn between Kaleb and Michael as well! If Emerson doesn't want one of them, I'll take the other :)

    The cover is pretty clever - and it definitely catches attention on the shelf! I can stare at my copy for ages and marvel at how simplistically clever it is!

    Great review!

  3. OMG I just looked at that cover and youre right. lol! ;) I didn't saw that! ;) I like a good love triangle and it sounds amazing. Great review.

  4. I just finished this amazing book and have no doubt that it will be my book of the year choice.

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  5. All I've heard is how great this book is, so I really hope I can get to it soon. I bought it already, which is a plus, now I just need to plow through some review books, so I can finally read it. I hadn't realized there was any sort of love triangle involved (aren't we over those by now) but if you say it works here, then I'll trust you! Plus, I do enjoy a well-done love triangle. Great review!

  6. I recently finished Hourglass and loved it so much! It was such a great book! And the cover . . . one of the best! Great review! I totally agree that both guys - Michael and Kaleb - won your hearts easily. I still can't decide who I love more . . .

  7. cant wait to read it

  8. I´ve heard great things about the book. The cover is beautiful and... intriguing, it looks just awesome. I cant wait to read it!!!

  9. I think Hourglass is one of the major debuts this year.

    Read it once while I was half-asleep and exhausted so I gave up on it.

    But I KNOW it's supposed to be good.

    It's said to be really good.


    I think I might like Michael more than Kaleb.

    Thanks for the excerpt. I enjoyed that.

  10. I still need to get this book! You're right, at first glance, the cover does look simple. I didn't realize she's standing on the wall until you mentioned that! Interesting!

    The story sounds intriguing. And there's a love triangle? Even better!


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