Monday, February 14, 2011


I hate Valentine's day.

If I see another adorable couple holding hands, or hear someone talk about their dinner plans for tonight, or even worse listen to someone gush to their friend about "my beating hard just won't stop" (yes, I really did hear this at school today) ..... I'm gonna crack.

There's just something about this holiday that I really hate - whether it's because we single people can't enjoy it, or the fact that it's such a materialistic holiday where stores just get paid extra for flowers, chocolates, and balloons - I don't know. But I think that if you really love someone, you shouldn't have to feel obligated to buy them a gift on this wretched day. Instead you should give them some candy or a hug or a nice dinner just because you feel like it!

Sorry if I'm being a downer and ruining your 'special day' with your 'special someone' while you give each other 'special presents' and do 'special things'. Blahhh. My plans for tonight? Curl up with a romantic comedy (any suggestions?! leave a comment please!) and spend some quality time with the only two men in my life that I need: Ben & Jerry. (:


  1. You should check out Love Actually. It's a good one.

  2. I'm sorry you feel that way, Ashley, especially because I know EXACTLY what that feels like. And not because I'm having guy troubles - because I am - but because it's just, IMHO, a holiday used to celebrate only one thing: money. For companies, they're getting the money. When you're in a relationship, you seem to think that by giving someone a heart shaped box of chocolate, you're proving to them how much you love them. You're not - you're showing off how much money you spent on them. The only real way to show someone you love them would be to do it on an average day - not VD, when you feel you should because everyone else is saying those three little words - in an average way but one still unique to your relationship, just to show you're listening.

    Rant over.

    Romantic comedy? THE PROPOSAL!!!

  3. I recently watched Leap Year (with Amy Adams). Okay, so it's nothing to gush about. But, it's filled with swoonworthy Irish accents and Irish countryside. And, that's pretty awesome. It was just a cute flick.

    I also really the The Holiday, but I don't know if that counts as a romantic comedy...

  4. Lissa, I couldn't say it better myself! It definitely is such a money holiday. And I adore The Proposal. (:
    Jackie, I'll have to check out The Holiday; thanks!

  5. Haha, Ben and Jerry are pretty awesome. :D I do that too on V-day, curl up and watch a good romantic comedy. Two Weeks Notice never fails to make me laugh, I've probably watched it a dozen times now. I also love to watch Serendipity and the Bridget Jones's Diary, absolutely love John Cusack and Mr. Darcy~

  6. I don't hate Valentine's Day because I use that day to shower gifts on my friends and lecturers and mom.

    But I hate it when I see other people being all lovey-dovey and that reminds me that I am not in love and have never been in love.

    Never had Ben and Jerry's. There are no B & J's in my country. =(


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