Thursday, October 21, 2010

Am I the last to find out?

There's gonna be a third book in the series by Maggie Stiefvater?! Since when? Haha well...I still haven't read the second one, Linger, but I do plan on reading this one, too. I'll add it onto the neverending pile of books to read. Anyways, I like this cover and here's a little synopsis:

The thrilling conclusion to #1 bestselling Shiver trilogy from Maggie Stiefvater. In Maggie Stiefvater's SHIVER, Grace and Sam found each other. In LINGER, they fought to be together. Now, in FOREVER, the stakes are even higher than before. Wolves are being hunted. Lives are being threatened. And love is harder and harder to hold on to as death comes closing in.

What do you all think? Better yet, who was already aware of this book because I just now saw it while searching Amazon!


  1. Wait, you REALLY didn't know that? Where have you been living? :D You should totally read Linger. After that you'll know why there needs to be a third sequel (and that as soon as possible)

  2. Haha. I've known about it for a while. But be thankful that you've even read Shiver :/ I just haven't gotten around to it yet... Lol.

  3. I knew about this one, but I still haven't got the chance to read the first book of the series. Even though is so popular that it will appear in my country too (this is a rare thing) (^^)

  4. Yikes! I haven't even read Shiver yet! I need to do that soon! This series really does sound good.

  5. I knew about this one. And I'm excited about it because I am enjoying the series and I can't wait to read the conclusion of it : )


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