Sunday, August 22, 2010

For The Future (11)

This is a monthly meme of mine that I made up! :) It's similar to my "Waiting on Wednesday" posts, but highlights many books, not just one. And doesn't include summaries.

Here's a list of young adult books that are still in-the-making or will be published in the future. This can range from being released tomorrow, to two years from now! These covers and release dates might not be permanent, it's just what I saw on Amazon, Goodreads, or the author's website. Hope this will be efficient to expand your reading pile!

Virgin Territory by James Lecesne (September 14, 2010): Enter the Virgin Club, a nomadic group of trailer kids whose mostly single parents drag them all over the country in search of sightings of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Dark Song by Gail Giles (September 7, 2010): Ames feels her parents have betrayed her with their lies and self-absorption, but is she prepared to make the ultimate betrayal against them?
The Ivy by Lauren Kunze (August 31, 2010): Freshman year at Harvard--glamorous parties, blossoming friendships, steamy romances, and scandalous secrets. Get admitted to The Ivy, the first book in a provocative new series about the world of the Ivy League.

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers (September 14, 2010): A demon and angel fighting for Frannie's soul. She possesses a unique skill that has the king of Hell tingling with anticipation.
Slayed by Amanda Marrone (October 5, 2010): Daphne, a teen vampire slayer, falls in love with the son of a rival slayer family.
Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (August 31, 2010): "A fast, flirty roller coaster of a ride. This story was everything I hoped for—sassy, light-hearted and downright scary." - Becca Fitzpatrick

Firelight by Sophie Jordan (September 7, 2010): Mythical powers and breathtaking romance ignite in this story of a girl who defies all expectations and whose love crosses an ancient divide.
The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend by Kody Keplinger (September 7, 2010): Bianca realizes with absolute horror that she's falling for the guy she thought she hated more than anyone.
Crossing Over by Anna Kendall (October 14, 2010): Roger has the ability to cross over into the land of the dead and speak with its residents. Soon he is using his gift as a way to get the life he dreams of even if it means bringing the dead back to the land of the living.


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