Monday, April 27, 2009

A fresh start...

1. So I just spent the last two hours (yes, I luckily had a lot of free time today) making my own template!! I'm so excited, because I've only had the site for three days, and I already think I'm getting very well-known with blogger and its features. So, (not bragging haha) I just thought it was pretty cool that I made this "layout." Plus, I was able to add a little quiz up in the right corner, so please cast your vote and help me out.

2. I would really like some tips (from all you experienced book bloggers ;D) on how to get your website more popular and have more followers! I already know the basics, but it would be great to have a helping hand while I just start out.

3. I'm going to start some weekly memes, which I think are AWESOME. I've seen many sites that have them, and I think they are a fun, and creative way to keep up the blogging on sites. So, keep your eyes peeled for some of those.

Ok well I think I'm done for now, but please comment if you have anything to say! Thanks guys.


  1. Hi Ashley,
    Give and you get is my firm belief on having a successful blog and life in general. When guests visit your blog and leave comments, return the courtesy. Participate in memes as well as hosting them. Update regularly whatever regularly can be for you. Keep your blog layout user-friendly. Make it easy for visitors to find past reviews or posts that have dropped off the front page but are hot topics.

    Wish you success with your blog!


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