Kreativ Blogger Award

Black Eyed Susan awarded me with the "Kreativ Blogger" Award. I really appreciate it because I've only been blogging for two weeks; so it's an honor to be recognized by other bloggers out there.

I've been charged with identifying seven things I love, and then passing the award on to seven other bloggers.
Seven things I love are: Summertime, sweet tea, otters, blue eyes, classical music, mini marshmallows, and thunderstorms. (Yes, very random things [: )

Now, seven bloggers that really impress me with their creative blog are:
Steph at Step Su Reads
Kalea at Enroute To Life
Beth at Writing It Out
Amanda at Review A Book 123
Bridget at Readaholic
Amy at Chic Book Reviews
Dar at Peeking Between The Pages


bridget3420 said...

Thank you so much!!

susan said...

Two weeks and you're on fire! I chose you because you're awesome and I knew you'd share the love. :-) With the exception of Step, you've introduced me to new blogs.

Happy reading,

Amy said...

Thank you so very much!! How sweet of you!!

beth said...

Wow, thanks! This rocks!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Pretty badge!

Congrats on award.

Ashley said...


Dar said...

Thank you so much. This certainly makes my week a whole lot better!

Ashley said...

Your welcome (:

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